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Good Morning Paula,

I just wanted to reach out to you and commend you for the education you provided yesterday. I work with so many folks that get really lost when starting to think about estate planning, and just don’t know where to turn, so I am so happy you were able to expose your group to some general planning. If you would like me to present to the group regarding investments, annuities, and insurance options please don’t hesitate to reach out. Again, thank you for all you do! Your emails have helped my aunt, and myself, so much with so many things.

M C     (10/2020)


I like the insights into symptoms, medications and treatments I pick up from the professionals who speak at most meetings. Informative publications are usually available.

The meetings give me an opportunity to observe the symptoms other attendees display and to compare them to those I have experienced and to see  how others have handled things. I have met and gotten to know a number of people with Parkinson's from my local area (I live about 45 minutes drive from the Wellness Center).

L E     (3/2020)


I'm glad I joined the Central Bucks Parkinson's Support Group. It's encouraging to meet others with Parkinson's. The meetings are very informative, The group is fortunate to have a nice facility available to use.


T F     (3/2020)


I know that when I was newly diagnosed with PD, I thought the world had just stopped.  Even though I knew that there were others out there with PD, I felt alone.  A brochure received from Doylestown Hospital mentioned the support group.  Somehow we learned that the group met on the second Tuesday of the month and the rest is history.  My wife and I were just amazed to see all the people there who are struggling every day with the effects of PD, particularly those dealing with it for many years.  J.R. is my hero!!

C & D S     (1/2017)


About a year before I was diagnosed with PD I asked my primary about a quiver/tremor and asked if she thought there was any connection to Parkinson’s. She said “no”, and probably right. However, that just made things worse, when a year later, a different set of circumstances had me in the neurologist’s office; “I’m sorry to tell you, you have Parkinson’s disease.” Well, that just went from brick to lead balloon!

My spouse said there are support groups for this; you should research them. Google! Not the easiest search I’ve ever done. I found three that were within range and made some calls. One was pretty much inactive and one never gave a callback. I elected to attend a meeting here with this group and have been here ever since. My criteria was that the group had to be positive, active and above all, not be a “pity party”. All items met.

J H     (5/2016)


Being a caretaker can be an overwhelming task. At times you feel you are alone, but the support group meetings help keep those feelings at bay. The presentations provide a variety of topics and keep us up to date on new developments

Sharing a common interest makes for a comfortable setting. You don’t need to explain a lot, they already understand. We’re all facing similar challenges and know we don’t have to face them alone.

C E     (10/2015)


It feels nice to have our own name. The Central Bucks Parkinson’s Support Group has been extremely helpful for me as an individual dealing with PD. It gives me the chance to meet new people, to learn and feel comfortable within a group.

I’m very glad I found this group that I call my friends.

C R     (2/2019)


Disclaimer: Found on CONTACT page.

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